Wednesday, October 14, 2009

gorgeous nightstands from pier 1

my sister recently redecorated her master bedroom and treated herself to two of these hayworth nightstands from pier 1. unfortunately i don't have any coupon codes or sale info for these babies but i think they're worth the $199 each. there's a whole collection of hayworth furniture but i really like the idea of using the mirrored style sparingly to make a statement. my sister's room looks absolutely fab. do any of you watch keeping up with the kardashians (ahem, not that i do, ahem)? if so, you've probably seen kim's room fully decked out in mirrored furniture. it's a wee bit over the top with the mirrors but i think her intentions are on the right track!

above photo from careful, it's a website for high rolling men that's full of man-focused content, some of which is NSFW.

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