Monday, July 27, 2009

who doesn't love a hostess gift?

i've always struggled to come up with a unique thank you or hostess gift. that is, until i came across table topics - a box full of conversation starters - during a weekend in florida for katie's bachelorette party with some of my favorite ladies. the six of us spent hours getting to know each other even better thanks to the girls night out version (the champagne mojitos may have helped too).

i had a few girls in mind who i knew would love it - and who i knew i'd need a thank you or hostess gift for - so i got home from katie's bachelorette party and found them on immediately. at $25 a pop plus free super saver shipping, they're the perfect thing to order ahead of time. just pull from the closet, wrap and gift when needed!

a few of you may find them in your own gift bags at some point or another...

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