Friday, July 17, 2009

luxury hand soap?

if you had asked me a year ago what the heck makes molton brown hand wash (yes wash, not soap) worth the regular retail price of $25, i would have looked at you in disbelief - $25?! but ever since trying it at houston's restaurant on park ave (they all have my favorite naran ji scent hand wash in their bathrooms), i'm a believer.

i've come <---> this close to purchasing in the past but always talk myself out of it. i mean, $25 on a 10 oz bottle of soap? but just yesterday i found it on sale for $18.75 on the bath and body works website (they're owned by the same company). still a lot, but now that it's under the $20 threshold, i might have to bite the bullet. my friend christy will back me up on this one...she shares my love for it. i think it's totally worth it for a guest bathroom next to some really plush, soft hand towels. now if only i had a guest bathroom! well whatever. i think i'll run over to the molton brown store on spring street during lunch today to see if they'll do a price match so i don't have to pay for shipping...

p.s. on the off chance they don't price match at the store, i'll probably still spring for it - bath and body works is having a today-only special on shipping. $4 no matter what with promo code 4SHIP.


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

i am a firm believer in spending a little dough on toiletries, it will bring you a little dose of happiness every time you use it! i am a huge fan of trader joe's french orange blossom honey liquid soap (!

annie said...

molton brown gave me a big fat "DENIED" when i asked for the price match. i don't get it. $0 sale or slightly discounted sale - which would you rather have?