Thursday, July 2, 2009

isn't all clothing necessary?

since starting this blog i have come to realize that most of my most-frequented shopping locations are my dirty little secret. one of the most embarrassing is that i go to necessary clothing in noho on a regular basis. i think the first time i went i was wearing a trench coat and sunglasses so that no one would recognize me or see me come in/out. but my dirty little secret became a little easier to swallow after i recently asked a girl on the street where she got her super cute dress. after quietly replying in a hushed tone, "necessary objects on broadway," i thought she was going to faint from relief when i exclaimed, "i love that place!"

although the store is tiny, the service is horrible and not to mention slower than slow, the deals just can't be beat. yes, some of their stuff is totally from the jcpenney juniors section and you have to weed through the crap, but they also have hidden gems for waaaaaay less than in other stores, like:
- $20 sundresses i've seen at urban outfitters for $80.
- ultra stretch wifebeater tanks with pretty gold and silver trim for $6.
- and my new favorite staple, this jersey wrap sweater in both steel blue and white for $18. one could argue that i consider practically everything in my closet a "staple", but this wrap sweater truly is. necessary clothing doesn't have a website but they have a store in noho and one in soho. my favorite is broadway and great jones. yes, i've been to both (*hangs head in shame*).

p.s. sorry sorry sorry for the tuuuuuurrrrible photo of me taken with my phone, but i couldn't find a photo anywhere on the world wide web!

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pan galactic gargle blogger said...

I have gotten great skinny jeans there! Shhhh... it's embarassing...