Monday, November 22, 2010

yes, i still shop at ikea

believe it or not, ikea has more than just low-profile platform beds and plastic chairs and tables. proof is the edland nightstand that i picked up for $149. it's an elegant dark grey color and has awesome finishing details - and it's perfect for the little nook in our dining room (and the drawers are even more perfect for all of nick's crap that was accumulating on the counter). it only took me about two hours to put together minus the few days i've been waiting for nick to finish one of the door handles).

hopefully this weekend i'll start putting things on the walls!

below: the nook before

below: you can't see me, but i opened the box and instantly became terrified of the chore in front of me

me: an hour in and feeling good. this was right after i showed my skillz with a power drill

below: success! it doesn't even wobble. just need to finish that side door and it'll be perfection.


janet said...

you go girl!!! I am so proud of looks great...xo

erin said...

I bought this dresser on sort of a whim. I was going to a mirrored dresser. After getting discouraged by the price of a mirrored I saw this ikea and tried it out. I am so happy with it because all things white look amazing on it. Im going to update my blog with the dresser and my finished room in a bit. It also looks killer with my marimekko bedding.

so your house is looking just great. We girls love to decorate and style through out our lives. love it.