Thursday, November 4, 2010

viva mexico!

adios ladies, i'm mexico-bound! i'll be celebrating with my friend andrea for her 30th year by relaxing beach-side with margarita in hand. just look at that pic from the hotel's website - i mean, REALLY!? i'll be sure to take as many photos of the fashions i find along the way to share with you on the ole' blog. arriba!

while i'm gone, nick and his dad will be painting the guest room for me. i've never forgotten how much i loved my room at the viceroy santa monica when i visited on a work trip a few years ago - so i decided to do my guest room just like it. more on that tomorrow!

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pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Oh I've always wanted to go to Mexico! Have so much fun! And please take lots of style photos-- I'd love to see some Mexicana Kitsch!