Friday, November 5, 2010

guest room vision: viceroy santa texas

i haven't been able to get the decor at the viceroy santa monica out of my head since i visited for a work trip many years ago. kelly wearstler is just genius for her work at that hotel and i wish wish wish i were as talented as she is. i'm totally poaching the grey walls with white plates, vibrant accent colors and white and grey textiles.

the current room: the hideous blank slate

the vision: the viceroy santa monica by kelly wearstler

the materials:
while i'm in mexico, nick and his dad will be painting the currently light purple walls a slate/elephant gray.

meanwhile, i'll be waiting on the arrival of this duvet cover and white canvas curtains from west elm.

the accoutrements: i'll be accenting the room with purples and yellows, so will be on the hunt for pillows and such. not to mention all of those plates i'll need for above the headboard! i'll also be scouring craigslist for a different bed frame. although i do like the white, i kick myself for buying that low-profile bed. haaaaaate it, especially when i knock my shins on it while making the bed.

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Tina said...

I LOOOVE ViceRoy! I got to go for Schematic SOO and it was so nice. I love the rooms, the plates and the cabanas outside.