Monday, November 1, 2010

thank god halloween is over

i haven't been a fan of halloween since i got accidentally trapped in the nyc halloween parade about 8 years ago. something about drunk adults in masks freaks this sista out. anyway, i spent halloween cruising around austin in the convertible with nick and emilio, working on some house stuff with our awesome friend/designer/contractor peter, cooking up some meals for the week, and hanging out waiting for trick-or-treaters. all-in-all, an awesome sunday - especially since it was 80 and beautiful and i didn't have to go anywhere near adults in costumes. what did you guys do for halloween?


mom said...

me too. i ironed while dad handed out candy and watched creepy horror films. do you miss those usa saturday nightmares?

annie said...

yes, i miss those movies! i watched chucky and gremlins. not as good as night of the lepus, obviously.