Wednesday, November 17, 2010

our first chilly weekend

this past weekend was the first chilly one of the season (it was cold last weekend while i was in mexico, but that didn't count). nick had four friends visiting from out of town so i made myself scarce all weekend so i didn't cramp their style. i spent most of my time shopping my balls off interspersed with a few errands, seeing "waiting for superman" with a girlfriend, dinner with neighbors, baking and cooking, and dressing up emilio in a turtleneck cableknit sweater to keep him warm (he looks so dead poet society, doesn't he?).

ohhh...and and i also spent some time looking at pictures from mexico. here are just a few of the highlights!

below: the view from our room
below: walking to the beach

below: the infinity pool and ocean

below: just one of many silly photos - andrea, lee, beth, korie, mckinnon, catherine, angela, taylor, me

below: another silly one - the pool/balcony in our room

below: yes, another silly one while lounging at the beach

below: a non-silly moment caught on camera

below: me and andrea, the birthday girl

below: the birthday girls

below: taylor, me and catherine

below: korie watching the sunset from our balcony

below: mmmmmmmmmmmargaritas

below: last day...sad

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pan galactic gargle blogger said...

oh emilio looks so academic!

Mexico looked amazing!I love that you're wearing your ruffle Target swimsuit from your posting in the summer!