Monday, January 3, 2011

back to reality...with a new watch!


i hope you all had as wonderful of a holiday as i did. it was a really great week and half off and i am so so so so so sad that the christmas decorations came down. even though a new year always means a fresh start and the beginning of something new and unknown, i always spend the first week of january just a little bit sad.

but the good thing about going back to reality is that i'm doing it with my BRAND NEW CARTIER WATCH courtesy of the husband of the year. he completely shocked me with this bad boy for christmas and i think i'm still not believing it's real. i guess my not-so-subtle hints that i wanted him to hand-me-down his own made him go one step further.

i feel weird "bragging" about my new watch, but f*ck it, i'm doing it anyway. typically i like to write about the favorite gift i gave so i'll do that too.

gift certificate for my parents to have a yummy dinner in charleston (where they have a newish condo) at the renowned peninsula grill

glass piggy bank from viva terra for my sister ($39)

gilded herringbone toms for my sister, sister-in-law, and cousin ($54)

ps. only five more days til my bff of all time, katie, comes to visit with her hubby warren. yay!
pps. if you're wondering what my new years resolution is, i don't make them. to shop more?


mom said...

your gift ideas are wonderful. can't wait for peninsula grill - reservation for tomorrow night! happy new year!

Sara said...

Love the watch! I got my husband the Roadster as a wedding I need one!

annie said...

you certainly do! ask your hubby to hand-me-down his and maybe he'll take the bait!

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