Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my favorite blogs

similar to how i started off 2010, i thought i'd start 2011 with a round up (in no particular order) of some of my favorite blogs. i found all of these in the past year and i can't get enough. i only hope to one day be as successful and creative in the blogging world as they are (if only i had more time and energy to put into it!!). enjoy.

reichel is a master at finding looks for less when it comes to the home. she blows me away regularly with the things she finds - it's definitely a blog to visit once a week, at least. reichel regularly answers reader questions, too, which is always fun.

blank white frames
jen at blank white frames is so freakin' cute. she lives in dallas, works in fashion, and is someone who comes up with really great outfits, amazing finds on etsy, and regularly highlights the newest trends. i think what i like most about reading her blog every day is her enthusiasm.

jessica at flourish has a really great eye. i dunno what it is about her, i just like to visit her blog every day. maybe it's because she is open, honest and completely real. she also has unique DIYs, i love her handwritten "weekend agendas" on fridays, and just overall good taste.

nuestra vida dulce
all i can say about joi is she's AWESOME! she's had a huge year with winning blog/interior design contests, making an appearance on the nate berkus show, contributing to a local tv show about entertaining/home decor, and she's got an impeccably-decorated home. she's a regular source of inspiration for me as i decorate my home, and i especially like to see how she evolves each room over time as her tastes change ('cause we all know our taste change...).

blair's style is incredible, to say the least. i can't get over the ensembles she puts together and i can only dream to one day have as much style as she has. her combinations of inexpensive trendy items with staple investment pieces are enough to make any woman swoon with "ohmygod i wish i could pull that off" whispers. MUST. READ. she doesn't post every day so the anticipation of her next one makes her outfits that much more exciting.

young house love
the husband/wife bloggers at YHL are the cutest and funniest ever. i really enjoy that they tag-team the posting so you get to see both personalities shine through. they loyally document every little thing they do as they turn their house into a home. and i also really enjoy the anecdotes about their baby daughter clara and doggy burger (short for hamburger and he has his own blog). they just moved in to their second home and i'm pumped to see what they create.


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Have you ever read Atlantis Home?

She's from Texas too and has the most exotic, lush design sensibilities! Maybe over the top for your taste but I still think you would love it!

annie said...

oooh thanks, i hadn't seen this one before. love it!

Joi said...

Thanks so much for your sweet words! They definitely put a smile on my face this fine Tuesday morning! : )

Have a great week.

Unknown said...

Thank you for giving Atlantic-Pacific so much love!!

PS I have that uber cute yellow ruffle collar coat you have from Old Navy...fashionable minds thing alike :)

Jennifer S. said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad you like the blog...



Jessica at six eighty eight said...

Thank you so much - what a wonderful surprise to be featured on your blog. You made my day! :-)

Jessica @ FLOURISH