Friday, January 14, 2011

help me find mid-priced denim

i have a problem.

a big one.

i have been searching high and low for mid-priced jeans that aren't too skinny and aren't too wide. like straight-up stovepipe. not hugging my calf nor too flared or bootleg. not too cheap but not too expensive. and i can't find them.

i started with gap, trying on every style in every size and color. always skinny, $69.50 / real straight $69.50

next i went to the matchsticks from j.crew ($98), but i'm not sold. they're way too long (even the short sizes) and i hate hemming jeans because they never look the same.

then i went to anthropologie (i have a gift card, woot!) and tried on every single pair they had in store. every. single. pair. again, either too skinny or too wide. ag colette bootcut, $168 / ag stevie, $168 / joe's muse, $158

and now i'm waiting for these to arrive from ann taylor although i think they'll be too skinny. (i think the outfit is so cute, btw) - $88 plus 40% coupon EXTRA40

these *might* be good, but it's so hard to tell from the shoddy fitting on the model (really, loft, really?!), $59.50 plus 40% with code EXTRA.

if you were me, where would you turn next? i really don't want to pay more than $100 but i just might have to...and is it a pipe dream? are there no straight leg jeans for less than a benjamin out there anymore?

oooooooooooooor maybe i'm not cut out for straight stovepipe jeans. maybe it's all in my head. just maybe.

ps. can't wait for my cousin katy to arrive!!! she gets in tonight and we have so much to catch up on. can't wait can't wait.


Lani said...

I live and die by Madewell's Rail Straight jeans ($98, but right now certain washes are on sale for $60-ish). They come in different lengths, and they do hemming for you if needed -- but the 32 is good for me! 30 if you want more of a Spring ankle length. Good luck!

Meghan said...

I bought both of these this weekend and think they are perfect. they are a little higher in the waist too if you are like me and are sick of looking like a pre-teen with the low pants.

annie said...

excellent suggestions. i have been wondering about madewell and had those straight cut jeans in my online shopping cart the other day - but didn't pull the trigger. and i've never heard of hot mama but those jeans look great! cute site.

Sarah said...

got two pairs at Banana recently on sale for like $30 each and I love them both...i think they were just called skinny jeans. perfect length too.

Sara said...

I am a huge fan of GAP jeans...I am in to skinny and then flared so I am not sure what style is good for in-between. I need to look in to the Madewell Jeans too. Let us know what you go with!