Thursday, October 21, 2010

i went crazy on etsy: framed chalkboard

growing up, i had a chalkboard in my room that i'd use to study. i'd write down everything i needed to learn, wipe it clean, and do it again - until i had it all absorbed into my brain. there's a wall in my kitchen that is just screaming for a shabby chic vintage-framed chalkboard. and so i bought one. as always, photos to come once it's hanging. you can find tons of them on etsy or ebay - and shabbychalk's shop is super cute.


EverydayChicNY said...

I'm loving all your etsy finds!!! I totally <3 chalkboards. In our last place we painted one wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint - it was such a fun look and so useful. In this place we did just one small one - nice for recipes - lists, etc. The one you found is beautiful!!

mom said...

great idea! i saw one at the decorator showhouse last week and fell in love. it was a painted metal tray so you could also use magnet on it.... this will look great in your kitchen.