Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bring on some chevrons

now that the hoodlums have decided to target our home, i'm taking this window treatment thing seriously. i was taking my sweet @ss time finding something for the kitchen but i've decided to speed up the process. i'm considering doing a DIY chevron curtain situation like the one below by kristen f davis designs. am i crazy, you ask? yes. i think i am. if anyone knows of a killer navy blue and white chevron drape material, send it my way. k, thanks.

below: lonny mag

below: i couldn't find a source :( contact me if it's yours.


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Oh I love it! I like the thinner stripes like with the yellow version :) Sorry to hear about the broken window-- hooligans!

The Koesters said...

Annie, you should contact my friend Lisa Parker who does interior design. (Brandt Parker's wife.) Drapes is one of her specialties. lisa@lmpinteriors.com

Joi said...

I love me some chevron! I painted some of my own chevron window treatments in my office! : )