Thursday, September 2, 2010

fall shoes are on target

i stopped by target yesterday for a few gardening supplies. obviously i made a detour into the shoe department to see if anything in stock was new. there certainly was. i'm a bad blogger and only took photos of one of my try-ons, but i did give all of these a shot and i'd be perfectly content with any one of them.

below: merona myka suede wedges in taupe, $29.99 (available in many colors); good heel height, nice detail where the shoe meets the heel. the only one they had was way too big, obviously.

below: mossimo kamara ankle boots, on sale for $23.99; these were super comfortable

below: mossimo kat faux suede booties, on sale for $23.99

below: mossimo kachiri leather americana boots, on sale for $39.99 (available in many colors)


Sara said...

I love the tan suede wedge! Target is by far one of my favorite places...I try not to go!


annie said...

i know! danger down every aisle.