Wednesday, September 8, 2010

homegoods was very good to me

i hopped in the car last week and made the hour trek down to homegoods in san antonio. i have to say, it was the best homegoods i've ever been to. EVER. my cart was chock full of gorgeous goodies but i weeded out the best finds before i hit the checkout counter. these are the items that made it to the finish line.

below: owl candle holder, $7.99; how cute is emilio in this pic? poor guy has heartworm again (or still, we're not sure). sad emoticon here.

below: owl plant stand, $29.99 (more on this tomorrow); i put my hand in the picture to give you an idea of size

below: small and medium mirrored suitcases, $24.99 and $29.99; i think they'll be used to store my tear-sheets and blog ideas

below: pot holders, $7.99; great match for the blue and stainless steel kitchen


Elle Sees said...

I've never been to one but I know where one is. After seeing this super cute haul, I've gotta go this weekend!

Sara said...

Homegoods is amazing...I always fill my cart and then weed it out at the end. I love your finds...very much my style too! I am really digging owls right now!


Martha Blake said...

a blue and stainless kitchen = dreamy!!