Monday, September 27, 2010

outfit (house) in action: new couches have arrived

the couches! they've arrived and i'm in love (and emilio is already playing king of the castle). the ethan allen delivery men came saturday morning with these little treasures and i couldn't be happier with the outcome. hearts to you, ethan allen, especially for delivering three weeks early. the next step is finding a table for the tv, throw pillows, and the curtains finished and hung. more photos to come as i make progress!

ps. this is a typical outtake when emilio accompanies me on a photoshoot. "what is this shiny black thing that i am smudging with my nose?"


Louise said...

Looks wonderful - picture perfect :)

pan galactic gargle blogger said...

I love the studs! Looks great!

mom said...

love it annie. can't wait to see the "finished project." has emilio claimed his favorite spot yet?