Tuesday, August 24, 2010

z gallerie is a great go-to for home accessories

i've historically passed by z gallerie under the assumption that it's too expensive and not my taste. well, now that i'm a homeowner i can fully admit that i was wrong. sure, there are some cheesy items that would never fly in my relatively "regular" style. but for the most part, i'm pretty impressed. here are just a few of my picks.

below: casablanca lanterns, $37.95 - $49.95

below: eddie accent chair, $1,199, both nick and i die for this chair...if only it fit with our color scheme!

below: bukhara pillow, $69.95 (shown here in chocolate and black)

below: palmer accent stool, $129.95

below: deer head, $49.95

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Kirsten said...

Although there are no Z Galleries by us (back home in LI), I went to one by my mom in Florida and I LOVED it! Super-cute and different pieces- a lot that were cheap and great as gifts for aunts and uncles! I definitely give a thumbs up to that one...