Tuesday, August 10, 2010

try-on trip to forever 21

nick and i had to go to sears over the weekend to buy a lawnmower. while nick was contemplating over the toro vs craftsman decision, i stealthily made my away over to forever 21. i like to wait a few months in between visits and spend an hour in the fitting room trying on everything that attracts my attention. here's the rundown of what i tried on...bad pictures, no makeup, no bra and all. that's how much i love you guys.

OH and i only bought ONE item. can you guess which one? i'll reveal it in an outfit in action post tomorrow.
below: terry strapless dress, i can't recall the price

below: studded sweatshirt jacket, $27.80

below: cotton cami tank (9.90) and floaty vest ($16.90)

below: striped racerback maxi, $19.80

below: red silk(ish) top, $17.80

below: purple and grey flowy tank, $32.80

below: purple romper with belt (that was broken), $24.80

below: white mod dress, can't recall price

below: maroon and army green flowy tank, $22.80

below: white prairie top (it was a size too large, boo), $24.80

below: black textured skirt, $22.80

below: cocoa and grey printed skirt, $22.80

below: tan and teal skirt, $22.80

below: orange and white printed skirt, $19.80

below: white and blank flowy tank, $22.80


True Event said...

I do the same thing! And I am so due a trip there! I am in love with the studded jacket and the purple romper. Can't wait to see what you picked.

martha said...

love that you are still posting during your 'break'. i hope you bought that cute litte gray strapless number although i also loved the long stripey and (OF COURSE) the purple romper.

have yet to find a F21 near school. i'm going thru some withdrawals i think.


The Koesters said...

I vote red silk(ish) top. :)