Monday, August 30, 2010

and the fashion emmy goes to...

dudes. i missed the emmy awards.


how could i miss such a fashion event for regular old people like myself (since i'm not lucky enough to go to any sort of fashion week, ever)? at&t screwed me, that's how. after a botched install attempt at the new house, i've since had to switch to directv only to have to wait all over again for an installation appointment. fangers crossed because after over two weeks without tv, my directv appointment is today! anyway...even though i didn't get to see the show i was still able to scour the interwebs to choose my favorite looks of the evening.

below: january jones in atelier versace. obviously. she's my favorite so i'd probably post about her even if her dress was heinous (ahem, hair could use a touch up, jj!).

below: tina fey in oscar de la renta. finally...this woman finds the right dress! her hair could also use a little touch up, but the dress is phenom on her.

below: claire danes in armani prive. she seems to be wearing a lot of makeup and bronzer but the dress looks awesome. i still sometimes wish she ended up with jordan catalano. (as i sing that buffalo tom song in my head..."i close my door at night. but she gets in alright. so i turn on the light")


Martha Blake said...
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Martha Blake said...

Love that I can count on you to have your dress pics up after any awards show. (Although would prefer if we could still discuss them at work!)

Obsessed with Claire Danes but also thought that Julie Bowen from Modern Family looks good. But maybe I'm just obsessed with her dress color (navy obvi)?

(yes totally just deleted and reposted to fix a typo.)

annie said...

oooh, JB's dress is very cool! the navy is great. however, what is with all of the hair on these ladies? is it trendy again to have a DIY prom do?

The Koesters said...

Claire Danes dress was my FAV! How can I get one of those?

Hillary said...

I agree. She totally should have ended up with jordan catalano. :)