Wednesday, May 26, 2010

doing my nails out in deco

i've mentioned before how much i love stocking up on OPI and essie nail polish colors and doing my nails every week or so. my latest favorite color is OPI's done out in deco and i took photos of my step-by-step process of manicuring at home. it's a pretty basic process but thought i'd share anyway :)
step 1: after cutting nails nice and short (long nails are SO 1997), prep nails with a base coat of OPI's nail envy to strengthen weak nails ($8 - $12).

step 2: cover nails with two thin coats of polish, patiently letting each coat dry fully before moving on to the next. this'll help avoid bubbles. the photo below is after one coat.

step 3: top off with seche vita's dry fast top coat ($3-10).

all done!

oh and here's my toes in essie's marshmallow, as i promised last week!

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