Thursday, May 13, 2010

replacing my favorite summer shoes

i have a really hard time at the start of every summer for only one reason - i pull out my favorite pair of shoes from the summer before and weep with sadness at how beat up they are. this time around it's the dolce vita able's i invested in last year. good news is they're still available in select sizes and colors from a few different retailers around the world wide web ($40 - $110). i'll be going for the white/gold pair this go around!


KatieWidener said...

I cried to retire these as well! So happy to hear they are still around some where :) xo

Laura said...

Hmmm I may need to purchase a pair! One question though, do they hurt? That toe thong looks a lil scary to me???

annie said...

omg no they are so comfy!!