Tuesday, March 23, 2010

there's nothing like a trip to houston rodeo on a sunday afternoon

sorry in advance that this post has absolutely nothing to do with living stylishly on a budget...

this past sunday i had the honor of going to the houston rodeo. my client at work is reliant energy so they gave us free tickets to the rodeo since it was held at reliant stadium in houston. let me tell you...it was AWESOME. not just because of the bull riding, carnival rides, yard margaritas or corn dogs. it was also because the musical acts after the bull riding was SELENA GOMEZ and JUSTIN BIEBER.

who, you ask? exactly.

apparently they're teeny bopper magnets. we were surrounded by six year old girls screaming at the top of their lungs wishing and hoping they were the future mrs. bieber.

thought you'd all appreciate some rodeo goodness:

below: the opening ceremony with indoor fireworks. i didn't get a photo of it but the a cowgirl had fireworks coming out of her american flag.

below: just bieber with his backup dancers.

below: kolache deliciousness. although when my friend ordered the "chocolate and cream cheese kolache" she didn't expect them to phone it in with a hershey bar stuck on top.

below: hot bull riding cowboys. so manly.

below: carriage racing. no words.

below: pink gorilla and banana on the romantic carnival skyride.

below: footlong bbq sausage. i still have heartburn.


Louise said...

Looks amazing!! :) The comment about the Hershey bar...LOL at my desk.

pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Okay, next time I come to Houston, I want to go to a Rodeo for sure! Replace the teen pop idols with dirty rockers and it sounds heavenly!