Wednesday, March 3, 2010

deciding between two old gringos

on sunday i went on a quick shopping trip with my friend andrea to allen's boots on south congress. now that i'm a texan i've been thinking about getting myself a pair of cowboy boots and up until sunday hadn't even tried any on. i knew the second i did would be the kiss of death.

the good ones are a serious investment and now that i've felt the buttery leather on my little piggies i don't think i can go too much longer without a pair. i know i'll wear them all the time - UT tailgating, shopping trips, out for the night, paired with a cute sundress, yadda yadda. it's just SO HARD to make the decision. here are two pairs i've found and reaallllly like. which would you get - the red statement or the brown staple?

below: diego by old gringo, $350

below: salome by old gringo, $430


Louise said...

Like both a lot but I leaning toward red statement. Did you watch the bachelorette when Jillian was on? She had these amazing red cowboy boots that I still obsess about.

Laura said...

I've been sooo bad about keeping up with your website Annie! You know I'm a cowgirl (born in Houston) so I have a serious affection for ALL boots! I have a pair of cowboy boots and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Totally worth the investment. Big Ned has a pair older than me than still look and according to him feel fab. I personally like the Diego! xo

Lilian said...

I'm in Australia & so very much drool at Old Gringo's! I WANT WANT WANT some !!! Have kept coming back to the red Salome too. Husband got some OG's when he was recently in San Diego ....WHAHHH! You're sooo lucky! I know I can buy online but am worried of the sizing ... postage can get pricy! Which did you end up choosing?! :o)