Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a grown up cupcake social

i secretly dream of the days when nick and i will have a kid and i can bake cupcakes for his/her elementary school birthday parties. how cute would the cupcakes be all dressed up in these liners by etsy seller cupcake social?? until then, i'll go ahead and make myself super cute fancy cupcakes for my adult birthday parties.

ps. i've decided there's an etsy shop for everything. i heart etsy.

below: gold arabisk cupcake liners, 45 count, $3.25

below: assorted animal print cupcake liners, 45 count, $3.25

below: assorted big polka dot cupcake liners, 40 count, $3.00

below: they even come in mini? sold. mini pretty pastel tulip cupcake liners, 45 count, $4.25


mom said...

love them... missed out on the little tulips :-( thanks once again for a great tip Annie!

Kirsten said...

I will DIE if I don't have these immediately.