Wednesday, September 2, 2009

gorjana jewelry on sale on gilt fuse tomorrow

my friend risa is always rockin' gorjana jewelry and i DIE for it. i absolutely love love love the way gorjana's pieces are so well thought-out, feminine, intricate, classic and simple all at the same time. her jewelry makes me feel like a real lady. these are my favorite beauties (they all come in silver, too):

below: bali arc hoops for $115

below: knox necklace for $70

below: the dove necklace for $70 is my absolute favorite out of everything. one of my favorite necklaces of all time, actually. i need to get me one of these.

two ways to save on gorjana:
  • i googled for promo codes and "luckybreaks3" gets you 25% off gorjana's online shop. if that one doesn't work (it did when i tested it, though), "toutie" gets you 20% off.
  • not sure if any of the pieces above will be featured, but there's a gorjana sale on gilt fuse starting tomorrow! need an invite? click here.

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