Friday, August 7, 2009

i won't get lost in a crowd with this sweater (and i'm obsessed with this blazer)

i tweeted wednesday about this yellow cashmere harper sweater because i was really nervous to pull the trigger. well, i did anyway. it's on sale from j.crew for $49 and i've been stalking it for a few months now. the scary part is that it's part of j.crew's final sale. no returns, no exchanges. no matter what. what if it's a heinous yellow? what if it doesn't fit? what if i just don't like it? eh, if i hate it there's always ebay, right?

and while we're on the topic of j.crew, i have been droooooooling over this wool flannel schoolboy blazer since the second it appeared with the new arrivals mid-summer. love the lining. love the gold buttons. love the weight. love the cut. love love love. i don't love the $188 price tag. but i neeeeeeeed it.

photos from j.crew.

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