Wednesday, August 12, 2009

affordable jeans that are cute? sign me up.

update thursday 8/13: gap 1969 jeans are $20 off today and they added the style i've been waiting for: the destructed skinny jeans in medium wash. pictured here:

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above: always skinny destructed button jeans - $69.50

above: cropped light wash boyfriend jeans - $69.50

above: always skinny black destructed jeans - $69.50

when my new september lucky mag came last week, i tore it right open with a flourish. and what stopped me in my tracks on the very first page? an ad for "america's best fitting premium jeans" - from the gap. hmmm, ok. you've caught my attention, gap. naturally, i went on the website to do a little perusing.

i'm loving many of the styles and my favorites are pictured above. the best part? the price tag. nothing is above $69.50, from what i see. the other best part? i hear the 1969 cuts are staying the same from season to season with the only changes being color and details (buttons, rips, etc.). so if your best friend "accidentally" steals your favorite jeans and refuses to give them back, just buy yourself a new pair.

photos from the gap.


Louise said...

Love these too...the button ones are adorable. I am excited to check them out in person and see how they fit!

annie said...

They're $20 off today!!!