Tuesday, August 16, 2011

prepping for hawaii: dreaming of dvf

nick and i are soon heading to maui for our annual labor day week of vacation. while i'm in very limited clothes shopping mode, i have been keeping my eye out for hawaii must-haves. after seeing diane von furstenburg's ethyl dress on blair of atlantic-pacific, i knew it had to be mine. i rarely splurge on clothes more than $150 so this took a lot of nail biting and obsessing before i bit the bullet.

but there was a problem. since it was from the spring 2011 line and popular with people way richer than me (here and here), it was nowhere to be found. after fruitless trolling of dvf.com, ebay, craigslist and multiple blogs, i finally gave the dvf 800 number a call. halleluja, the very last one in dvf's posession was in desert hills, ca and it was in MY SIZE. meant to be? YES.

i'm waiting with baited breath for this beauty to arrive so i can tuck it away for a good dinner out with nick in maui. it better be worth every one of those 4,000 pennies.

check out atlantic-pacific for some amazing shots of the dress in action.


Ellen Smith said...

Wow, I always love wrapped around designs, and it looks good, really..
very simple but nice :)

pan galactic gargle blogger said...

So cute! And so worth it :)

Welcome back!

janet said...

you go Annie!!! you deserve it!!! love all the new additions to your home....just go back from family vaca on the beach and it was wonderful!!!! enjoy the dress!!!

Noelani said...

Seriously fab purchase. I am seething with jealousy and was lusting after it ever since I spied it on Atlantic Pacific. Can't wait to see how you wear it!