Tuesday, August 16, 2011

blue ball jars

i was telling my friend heather about my search for a new console table (as noted the other day in my re-debut post) and she suggested i head to austin antique mall. it's exactly what it sounds like - a giant warehouse full of vendor booths that are chock full of goodies. you've just got to be prepared to find the hidden gems. i didn't come home with a console table but i did come home with a smorgasboard of old skool green and blue bottles (some of you know about my obsession with ball jars, especially blue ones) to fill up my boooooooring mantle in the living room.

i'm going to fill a few of them with single fresh white flowers for special occasions.

and i think one day i'll change out those sconces. they're a little tooooooo victorian for this girl.

before: yawn

after: full of "antique" goodness; reminds me of growing up a stone's throw from the beach

ps. wondering what those "things" are next to the media console? speakers. nick's. new. they blend...right? *sigh*

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BilledupTop said...

Speakers? SPEAKERS?? Those are Definitive Technology Mythos ST's!! Top of the line sonic powerhouses. And a Maryland based company to boot.