Monday, August 22, 2011

backyard lounging

while nick and i are still a few months away from hiring a landscaper (we're waiting for spring), there have been a few backyard touch-ups this summer. we were looking for a couch and comfy chair situation to replace the $79 target table and chairs but when we saw this double chaise on sale we knew we had to have it. can't wait for the temps to drop so we can sleep outside. the chair cushion was on backorder so the one you see here is placeholder for 4-6 weeks.

the next order of business was finding some good throw pillows to adorn the chaise. even though i loved the red and blue options ($9 per pillow from homegoods), the white stripes were too bright white.
the final winner?

$13 per pillow options from pottery barn outlet.

i still want to make some smaller ones in navy and white chevron, but i'll have to put that on the DIY to-do list. you'll be the first to know if i ever get around to it!

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janet said...

love your final just looks so comfy!!!