Thursday, July 8, 2010

recent reads

one of my favorite vacation activities is sticking my nose in a book for hours on end. here's the rundown of the books i plowed through while in charleston last week. these are just my humble opinions so please feel free to voice your own if you've ready any of these books. what are your recent reads?

below: the wedding girl by madeleine wickham (also known as sophie kinsella). easy, fast chick lit perfect for lazy days on the beach. it was over before i knew it and i only hated the main character a tiny bit (a huge feat for chick lit, i my opinion).

one thumb up, one thumb down.

below: are you there, vodka? it's me, chelsea by chelsea handler. this had me laughing out loud with every turn of the page. no great literary feat but definitely good for a few hours of entertainment. chelsea is incredibly witty and says a lot of things outloud that some of us would never dare.

two thumbs up.

below: my horizontal life by chelsea handler. this one made me giggle a few times but i didn't find it nearly as entertaining as "vodka." not to mention her stories started to overlap and [i swear i'm not a prude] i got a little grossed out now and then.

one thumb sideways, one thumb down.

below: the girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg larsson. the first 150 pages were BRUTAL but once i got used to the incredible level of detail and the pacing i started to get really into it. the second half was spellbinding to the point where i thought about it when i wasn't reading it.

two thumbs up, although that first 150 pages almost took it down a thumb.

below: the lost city of z by david grann. i love a book that teaches me something i never knew about history while fascinating me at the same time. an incredible story that's impeccably written by a journalist and makes you long for walkabouts in the amazon rain forest.

two thumbs up.


Tina Ho said...

I'm reading the sequel right now, "Girl Who Plays with Fire." Likewise that the first 150 pages so far have been brutally slow... They also just released a movie (DVD) for Dragon Tattoo and I hear very good things.

annie said...

"fire" is definitely on my must-read list, although i'll drink a few cups of coffee before sitting down to muscle through the first 150 pages. i'll look for the "tattoo" DVD!

janet mccauley said...

Wow!!! you read so many books on vacation and still had time for great family fun! sounds like it was a wonderful vacation....I feel the same way about "Tattoo" and I only just started it. But everyone who has read it has told me the same thing...did you read " Sarah's Key" or " "The Help"!!! great books....hugs to you

Unknown said...

I agree about the first part of dragon. I thought the sequel wasn't nearly as bad. I own the third though I haven't started reading it yet :) i am going to have to look into some of the other ones you listed!! :)

Jennifer Prentice said...

So, my in-laws (who are voracious readers) came in to town this past weekend and were reading The Lost City of Z and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. They are on my list for this summer!! I'm reading Gilead by Marilynn Robinson right now. It was a Pulitzer Prize winner in 2005. Only a few pages in, but seems really good. I just finished Never Eat Alone--a book about relationship building and networking by Keith Ferrazzi. It's inspiring! I think it's fantastic that you read so many books on your vacation! I'm hoping to read half that many on mine!

annie said...

Great tips, guys! I did read The Help - obsessed over it for the few days I was reading it. I stayed up super late for a few nights in a row because I couldn't put it down!