Wednesday, July 14, 2010

forever 21 does maternity

above: chiffon flowered maternity tunic, $19.80

above: knit maternity leggings, $12.80

i'm not pregnant but i have a lot of friends who are baby mamas. one of the things they tell me most often is that the expense of maternity clothes is a little overwhelming. who wants to spend an arm and a leg on something you can only wear for a few months? in comes forever 21 with their love 21 maternity collection...inexpensive and cute options for expecting mothers. the line isn't very extensive yet but i have the feeling there will be more on the horizon.

maybe one day i'll be the one wearing day! we need some babies to fill up that house, ha ha!

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Sara said...

I love this line for F21! I will be sure to shop it once I am pregnant. Also, I love the flamenco dancer/uniboob bathing suit. My friend has it and it is so cute!