Friday, July 9, 2010

inspired by the amazon

i mentioned yesterday that i just finished reading the lost city of z by david grann. the story is about an explorer trying to map the unchartered territories of the amazon in the early 1900s and the stories were fascinating and left my wondering when i could get to the amazon for a little exploration msyelf...and i quickly realized the answer is probably never.

rather, i decided to buy myself this panama hat from j.crew. if you can't explore in the amazon, bring the adventure to you. $58, available in natural and white.

ps. when i first got it home, nick asked me when my part in the michael jackson video would start filming. now every time i put it on i sing "smooth criminal" to myself. thanks, nick.


mary doyle said...

I have been looking for a hat like this since (I'm embarrassed to say this) Carrie from the Sex and the City Movie. I'm going to be your twin!

annie said...

nice! if you can't find the j.crew one, madewell has the same one.

Noelani said...

I LOVE this hat! I confess, I actually bought it a few months ago and returned it. It was just too big for me...but I eventually found the smaller version at Express which worked. This is much better made though and well worth it! Post some pics!