Wednesday, February 3, 2010

shoot, it's FEBRUARY?! edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros is keeping me sane.

hooooooly cow, it's FEBRUARY!? wha??

that being said, i do not have a mood board for you to celebrate the first of the month (or the second of the month or the third of the month). it has been an absolutely insane couple of weeks between visitors and starting a new job and traveling and yadda yadda anyway, so sorry for not posting the ole' mood board on schedule but i'll try to get to it as soon as i can.

what i can share with you instead is a link to check out one of my new favorite bands, edward sparpe and the mangetic zeros. i was turned on to them by my friend martha, a huuuuuuge music lover and someone who i turn to regularly for tips on the latest and greatest. she writes a really great blog about her favorite music and newest finds and you should definitely check it out for a little musinspiration.

meanwhile i'll be hoping edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros make their way through austin again soon so i can check them out in person. i've been listening to the album "up from below" over and over again and it gets better every time. enjoy!

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mb said...

ahh - muchas gracias! (a little spanish spill-over from vacay).

don't listen too much or they might push you from sane to INsane!