Thursday, February 4, 2010

framing my past with ork posters

our kitchen/dining area is allllllmost completely decorated and it is making me very happy. i bought four black and white posters from ork a really long time ago and since most of them are non-standard sizes i have been dying to get them framed. timing worked out perfectly and i was able to take advantage of a 60% off custom framing coupon at michael's and use some gift cards from santa.

you're probably wondering why i chose the cities i did, right? they all represent a city where we've lived in the past. hopefully the artist will continue expanding her collection to one day include baltimore and austin.

about ork: To us, it's not just posters. To us it's about finding where we are, where we've been and where we want to go. In the most humble manner, we can only hope it's that for you too. Ork Posters was born when I embarked on a search for a neighborhood poster that fit my taste for good design and typography, simplicity, and originality. My hunt came up empty. As a result, I designed the original Chicago poster in the summer of 2007 for myself.

each city also comes in multiple colors and the selections are really pretty. check them out! oh, and click here for more info on our shmancy vintage 4/5 subway sign.


Kate said...

Annie - your kitchen looks soo cute! We miss you in NYC. Kate

Katie said...

I love the call out to the cities! I so need to get one of SF! Your place looks fab! xoxo

Louise said...

OMG - love those posters!!