Friday, February 12, 2010

my regular dose of j.crew

it's been a while since i bought anything from j.crew and i think it's about time i make a little trip to the mall. my friend martha sent me a link to this lilac shower shift dress and i instantly fell in love. the tulle and cotton petals are a lovely detail that would look super cute in either ginger or black. plus, it's relatively cheap for j.crew at a price point of $69.50.

want to order online but don't want to pay for shipping? j.crew has regular promo codes for free shipping when you spend $250 or more. martha's trick? buy what you want plus something you don't, bringing your total to $250 or more...and then return the something you don't want to the store. voila, free shipping.


Martha Blake said...

ok so i bought this finally and HUGE disappointment! the way it's pictured i figured it was a nice cotton (read: not jersey) material in a soft pink. what i got was basically an embellished t-shirt dress is a gross orange pink. UGH. return. (to store to save on shipping it back)

annie said...

MAN!! i hate that! thanks for the info.