Tuesday, June 14, 2011

homegoods finds

so in full disclosure i actually made this trip to homegoods about a month ago...but i'm just blogging about it now as my "welcome back to bloggerhood" post! i figure it's as good as any to get back on the wagon, especially because i am 100% obsessed with that yellow chair and it is the peeeeerfect piece for the guest room (yes, i moved out my DIY chair that i made the chevron pillows for to make room for this new gem...i'll find somewhere good for the old one, don't worry). what an amazing find, no? i need to get a new job stat just so i can get back to shopping so i have some more great things to share with you guys.

below: yellow patterned chair, $129 - totally reminds me of a thomas paul print; and the nailhead? lurv.

below: shell, $19.99

below: black and white bird plate, $8; to be hung in the red, black and white guest bathroom one of these days

below: cynthia rowley bowl, $19.99


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Man, I reaaaallllly wish we had one of those in NYC... I've never even been to a Home Goods!

janet said...

YEAH! so glad you are back!! Happy Birthday and good luck with job hunting..you should work with an interior design firm!!

Joash de Cabin said...

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