Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a few from banana republic

even though i'm on a semi-permanent shopping ban due to my elective unemployment, i can't help but read the emails that come through from banana republic. sure, some of their stuff is totally boring and same old, same old - but there are also always a few gems thrown in the mix, too. these are what caught my eye when the last email came through yesterday.

below: sequin sweatshirt, $59.50 (that is a total steal!)

below: aliana eyelet racerback dress, $130

below: printed ruffle tier skirt, $79.50

i'm sure all of these will go on sale soon - if you're willing to risk the sell-out factor.


Jennifer S. said...

wow what cute finds!


Noelani said...

Sequins sweatshirt is adorable!! I'm sure to have some coupons kicking around here.....

knemsoff said...

Love the skirt! Can you suggest a blouse + cardi/jacket to go with?

annie said...

sure can! stay tuned.