Thursday, April 7, 2011

outfit in action: gaga for peter pan shorts

last night i pretended to be a little monster and went to see lady gaga with my friend andrea. while i can't call myself a huge fan, this was one of the most entertaining shows i've seen in a long time. maybe it was because we were able to sneak down to the floor for the encore, or maybe it was because i have a secret love for "bad romance." either way, i was psyched to wear my new peter pan shorts (as nick calls them) for the day at work, dinner and drinks at local restaurant vivo, and to the frank erwin center for lady gaga. i was definitely the most conservatively dressed in the joint. i guess that's what happens when you go from the office to gaga - and you're 31 years old. oh, i also bought these shorts in white. love. and you get to see these shoes in action!

below: she was born this way, bitches.

below: proof of me being under dressed. or over dressed. no, she's not peeing. she's resting.

below: gaga and the fame monster


HMK0217 said...

Great shorts! Who makes them?

Giulia Ruozzi said...

OMG ur so lucky i luv lady gaga!!!!!! I luv ur blog. I have one too, i ll be so happy if you go c it, is

annie said...

they are c. luce (or maybe cluce, it's hard to tell from the tag) and i got them at fab'rik in austin for $66. hope that helps!