Friday, April 2, 2010

laura's here! well...almost...

my sister laura arrives in austin today! we've come a long way since the days of sharing a room, hiding our bike helmets before riding off so mom didn't know we weren't wearing them, fighting over the phone to talk to our junior high boyfriends about absolutely nothing, and trading techniques for that perfect bang poof. i'm looking forward to showing my big sis around our new town. i'm also excited to give her a hug of congrats on her new house!

i think we're going no particular order...
  • drink some wine here
  • go for a swim here
  • do some shopping here
  • walk the dog here
  • have brunch here
  • rent some bikes (and wear our helmets) here
i couldn't resist. found this as i was looking through my old snapfish favorite ingog outfit ever. apparently grandma liked it too!


janet m said...

there is nothing better than sisters hanging out together...have a great time!!!

mom said...

you hid your helmets???? i'm sure you two will have a wonderful time in your wonderful town.