Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day! strawberry grow pot

i've written before about my obsession with the smith & hawken aisle at target. my latest s&w purchase was this strawberry grow pot for $19.99 and i thought i'd write about it in honor of earth day today. it was growing SO nice and i had two cute little buds - until i moved it outside onto the patio and my buds were eaten by those dang pigeons!! i hated pigeons already (rats with wings) and they successfully put the nail in their own coffin, those bastards. anywho...

the kit came complete with dirt, seeds and step-by-step instructions.

who knew strawberry seeds are so itsy bitsy? well, probably everyone considering we eat them all the time...but still...they're tiny.

the dirt comes in little packs so you have to moisten and stir them up before planting.

and voila! the seeds are planted! if only i left the little buds in the safety of the apartment rather than sending them outside to their death. learned that lesson! regardless, it's a great little kit and i recommend it for the casual "gardener" like myself.

plant something in honor of earth day!

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Martha Blake said...

omg that is super cute. WANT. it's like a portable version of the little strawberry bush that grew out of the middle of my parents lawn every year when i was w wee one! (yes not a planned garden). let me know if you get strawberries!!!