Friday, November 20, 2009

danielle stevens 40% off and gorjana $20 off

first up...danielle stevens 40% off coupon code:

my friend jess was just asking me where she can find a coupon code for the monogrammed danielle stevens necklace i wrote about this past summer. and what do you know - there was an amazing coupon code in my inbox yesterday! i absolutely love holiday coupons. use coupon code "holidaydsj" at checkout to earn up to 40% off.

i tested the code and this engraved pendant is now $46.80 down from $78 and this rectangular one is $39.60 down from $66:

and next up...gorjana's $20 off coupon good today only (friday 11/20):

y'all (yes, y'all) are probably sick of me talking about gorjana jewelry. well, you'll like it this time because gorjana just sent out a one-day-only $20 off coupon code - "spoilme" - good until 11:59pm tonight.

as you probably already know, i'd use it on the dove necklace to bring the $70 price tag down to $50:

there are tons of options by both designers and many of them would make fantastic holday gifts. enjoy!

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