Friday, March 25, 2011

color blocking for vegas

nick and i have a trip to vegas planned in a couple weeks. i'm really looking forward to ditching reality for a few days to gamble, lay by the pool, eat some great food and check out all of the new casinos (i haven't been since right after the wynn opened) - OH, and to go to the biggest H&M in the united states! anyway, i'm anticipating saturday night to be an opportunity for nick and i to whoop it up at some of the new bars/clubs so i decided i'm going to break out of character and wear something super tight and a little over the top. being that i'll most likely never wear it again, i went to my local forever 21 (where i am obviously a regular, just like emily from the bachelor) and spent a whopping $25 on this colorblock bandage dress.

i got home and immediately went for a 7-mile run, my first run in about 8 months. i also did not forget to pick up my very first pair of spanx. i heart them already.


janet said...

you little devil!!! but how could you possible need spanx!!!

janet said...

you little devil!!!! but how could you possibly need spanx!!!

Unknown said...

love this! makes me want to go to F21!